You can redeem your Reward Points automatically for select rewards by setting up an Auto-Redemption.
You have three options:

1. Annual Auto-Redemption*

Simply choose the date when you wish to redeem your Reward Points each year. It could be just before your birthday, so you can buy yourself a treat. Or perhaps you would prefer to redeem your Reward Points just before the holiday season. The date you choose for the Annual Auto-Redemption option is up to you.

2. Periodic Auto-Redemption*

Redeem your Reward Points every 3, 6 or 12 months.

3. Reward Value Auto-Redemption*

Automatically receive select rewards when you have accumulated sufficient Reward Points. For example, you could choose to receive a $100 Myer Gift Card as soon as you have enough Reward Points to redeem that reward.

To set up an Auto-Redemption go to Redeem Rewards, select a reward and click “Set up Auto-Redemption” and follow the prompts.

You may also choose to allow your Reward Points to accumulate and redeem them at your convenience.

* It can take up to 28 days for your reward to be sent to you once you qualify for the Auto-Redemption. For Auto-Redemption options 1 & 2, at the time of the Auto-Redemption you will receive as many of your selected reward that you are eligible for with your Reward Points balance at that time. For Auto-Redemption option 1 the reward would be sent to you up to 28 days after the date you nominate if you have sufficient Reward Points to qualify for the redemption.

To change or cancel future Auto-Redemption options visit and go to Manage Auto-Redemptions. If an Auto-Redemption had been processed, any changes made to Auto-Redemption preferences will only be applicable for future redemptions.